Our 14 suites are primarily designed to create a sense of serenity and luxurious simplicity for our guests. Inspired by our island’s natural resources, timber and stone, Icon Suites aim at relaxing your senses while refreshing your spirit. Minimal in design, modern in approach, and contemporary in orientation, our suites are discretely decorated with art pieces showcasing Thassos’ graceful character.

The white, subtle tones together with the discrete wooden detailing prevail in clean, simple lines that relax the eye instantly. With an art inclination, our rooms are adorned with delicate graphic details, such as an island theme headboard custom-made furniture, and hidden lighting, while our materials have an earthy feel: forged cement and marine plywood are used discretely to complement the whiteness, which is further enhanced by an intricate white-washed beam ceiling.


Greece 64002

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Tel.:  (+30) 2593052050,

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